About Stroud Brewery

Stroud has long been a hot-bed of innovation and art, and Stroud Brewery celebrates the history, characters and great things that have come from Stroud and the Cotswolds.

Our logo

The shield and pennants of our logo are derived from the Stroud Coat of Arms. This artwork was gifted to the town by the original Stroud Brewery.




Stroud Brewery is a member of the Society of Independant Brewers Association (SIBA). SIBA aims to ensure that its members' products are always of high quality and membership is conditional upon adhering to the Society's Code of Practice and Bye-Laws.

SIBA - Building The Future of British Beer



Gloucestershire Craft Brewers

Stroud Brewery is a member of the Gloucestershire Craft Brewers established in 2007 to promote Gloucestershire beers and breweries. Our first initiative was the Gloucestershire Ale Trail