All of us at Stroud Brewery have a concern about our impact on the planet and we strive in every way to make our business as sustainable as possible – financially, environmentally and socially.

It is not just the process of brewing beer – minimising our resource use, using local and organic ingredients, re-cycling our waste (as feedstuff for pigs and cows on local small holdings) and delivering locally - but also the way we do business.

We believe an important element of developing long term sustainable communities is to strengthen the local economy - to bring money into it and then keep it there! This is one of the reasons why we will not sell our beer through the supermarkets, but choose to sell through independent outlets. We try to use local suppliers and services and we raised much of our start up finance through interest paying loans from local people.

We believe our brewery has a valuable role to play in its contribution towards the quality of life of Stroud and its surroundings, adding to its wealth, culture and ‘social cohesiveness’.

Stroud Brewery is pleased to belong to - and support - Cotswold Taste, a member-owned co-operative promoting food and drink produced in the Cotswolds to high standards.