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A year of change!

What a year!
This time last year we were just moving into our new building. There has been challenges, change and opportunity!
We have been so grateful for the continued support we get from our customers; all the pubs, bars, venues and off-licences that continue to champion our beer and the people that drink them.
2019 has seen the greatest engagement with our global climate emergency. A worrying challenge, a need for change, yet it also presents opportunity. One of my daughters has scribbled the quote “Worry is a mis-use of the imagination” on our family blackboard. It is my current go to affirmation.
As a business we realise that we need to operate in a way that does not consume finite global resources. We have achieved a lot which is recognised by us achieving BCorps status.
What we realise at Stroud Brewery, why we get out of bed each morning, is not just that we love making great tasting organic beer, but we love to drink it with friends that link us to our community and place.
We see this value in our bar and the pubs we work with. They are important community spaces to meet, talk, listen, discuss, understand, grow and change.
So, in the quest for positive change, I would like to raise a glass and toast the curators of community – the landlords and ladies that invite us in to their “public house”.
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