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Brewer, Stroud Brewery

Application Process

Applications will ONLY be received by our online form.

Salary: £22,500

Application deadline: Friday 7th June

Interviews: Tuesday 18th June


Job Description – Brewer

This is a full time post for an experienced Brewer at Stroud Brewery. The successful applicant will be responsible to the Production Manager at Stroud Brewery.

Stroud Brewery is seeking an energetic, versatile and experienced individual for the role of Brewer.

Stroud Brewery produces premium beers using high quality ingredients. We use whole hops and Cotswold grown malting barley. We strive to be environmentally and socially sustainable as well as running a viable business. We aim to support the local economy, and do not sell any beer through supermarkets. We sell to pubs, independent retailers and directly to the public. The brewery has a growing public profile and is increasingly involved in a range of local events and activities.

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Job Function:

Responsible for production  of consistent high quality finished packaged products ready for sale.



  • Purchasing high quality raw materials necessary to make beer, including yeast, hops and malt
  • Ensure highest levels of hygiene are maintained
  • Ensure quality control checks
  • Maintain detailed records of the brew process, to ensure that specific targets are met and the brew conditions are uniform.
  • Manage the outgoing costs and work to a specific budget
  • Ensure suppliers maintain a specific level of quality and deal with supply chain issues.
  • Ensure all equipment is properly maintained.
  • Develop new types of beers in conjunction with other brewers
  • Supervising brew days
  • Maintain detailed records of the brew process, to ensure that specific targets are met and the brew conditions are uniform.
  • Ensuring packaging facilities are working correctly and that there are adequate number of casks and kegs and transport tanks available
  • Cleaning – vessels, casks and the premises
  • Maintenance – simple wiring and equipment repairs
  • Helping to document brewing processes and systems - Stock withdrawal/recall, Quality checks
  • General warehouse maintenance and cleaning
  • Assist on packaging lines – keg, cask and can
  • Liaise with warehouse & sales teams about stock returning from packaging facility Warehouse stock management and rotation
  • Maintaining accurate product stocks brewery management software -  making available for sale
  • Duty Returns
  • AWRS
  • Export movements (together with sales)
  • Working with sales team to pick stock for daily deliveries
  • Maintain a high level of Health and Safety at all times
  • Be a brand ambassador

Other tasks as required

Due to the changing nature of work practices, or for operational, commercial or technical reasons, it is accepted that the company reserves the right to make changes to individual job descriptions as necessary.


Person Specification


A scientific knowledge, in chemistry, microbiology, and/or biochemistry. Engineering knowledge is also useful for dealing with machinery and improving production processes.

Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) Brewing certificate or Diploma.

Key Skills

  • A good communicator: Communicates with many types of people in different roles including other brewers, production staff, managerial staff, suppliers, logistics, customers, marketing staff and the general public.
  • Flexible and able to deal with emergencies: Brewers often face engineering issues that must be dealt with quickly. Being able to problem-solve and maintain flexibility is essential.
  • Passionate about brewing and must love what they do.
  • Capable of innovation: Brewers must constantly look for ways to improve the brew process and able to develop new techniques and production processes once the appropriate training has been provided.
  • Methodical, logical and detail oriented: Maintain consistent processes and maintain the same level of quality.Excellent leadership capabilities
  • Mechanical or engineering experience
  • Brewing experience
  • Record keeping abilities,  Must maintain full and complete records of all processes and products.
  • Experience analysing and improving beer production processes
  • Physical fitness: The role is very active and involves a great deal of lifting so need to be physically fit.


  • Conscientious
  • Able to work well in a team
  • Good at paying attention to detail
  • Practical
  • Reliable
  • Responsible about hygiene, and health and safety
  • Prepared to work on a range of different jobs
  • Good communicator


  • Share Stroud Brewery ethos for sustainability
  • First aid




  • A formal brewing qualification (IBD certificate)
  • A management qualification or the equivalent experience
  • Ideally, they will have a Bachelor’s degree in food production, chemistry, biology, business,engineering or business.
  • Knowledge of  HSE standards and responsibilities
  • Knowledge of government regulatory programs and HACCP
  • Experience running a production line and implementing quality assurance schemes
  • Proven ability to use best practice manufacturing techniques to improve a brewery
  • An interest in real ales and their production


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • IT skills
  • Excellent leadership skills, the ability to motivate a team and to maintain positive morale in the
  • workplace
  • Personable, approachable and pleasant demeanour
  • Strong knowledge of brewing practices and different beers
  • Strong understanding of process controls
  • Planning and organisational skills
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Strong work ethic and the ability to multi-task
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Physically fit and able to work in a demanding environment
  • Driving Licence

Application Process

Applications will ONLY be received by our online form.

Salary: £22,500

Application deadline: Friday 7th June

Interviews: Tuesday 18th June