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Greg meets Richard Siddle, from The Buyer, to share the story behind Stroud Brewery

A couple of months ago we worked very hard to clear our very busy MD’s diary so we could send him off to London for the day. If you know Greg Pilley you’ll know that he has more plates spinning than Giffords Circus. Clearing his diary is quite a big deal. We promised him it would be worth it as he was meeting up with the lovely Richard Siddle from The Buyer for lunch, to drink some beer and tell Richard the story behind Stroud Brewery. The cherry on top was that they were meeting at Britain’s first and only certified organic pub, The Duke of Cambridge in Islington.


Riverford at Duke of Cambridge window


Greg set off early on the train to London with a rucksack full of our organic beers in bottles and cans. It was a glorious sunny day, one of the first ones when it was novel. He arrived at the Duke of Cambridge and was greeted by their friendly team who provided a bowl full of ice to chill the beers in. Richard and Greg sampled a range of Stroud Brewery organic beers, the perfect job for a boiling hot day.


The Duke of Cambridge were fantastic hosts. Greg enjoyed a delicious lunch, the food is fantastic. He had not had the pleasure of eating there before, his last visit was a mad dash to drop off samples for the Soil Association Organic Food & Drinks Awards a few years ago. If you haven’t visited before we would highly recommend that you do. And we are not alone in our praise , they have lots of awards and rave reviews. The Duke of Cambridge was set up by Geetie Singh-Watson and it has enjoyed 15 years of years successful trading. They have been an inspirational business and we are proud to be one of their suppliers.


Stroud Brewery beers in The Duke of Cambridge, Islington, Britain's first and only certified organic pub.


Richard Siddle wrote an interesting and detailed piece about his meeting with Greg, and the story behind Stroud Brewery. If you want to know more about how Stroud Brewery began, and what that has to do with elephant conservation in Nigeria then have a read at



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