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Pairing Craft Ale with Food

For people interested in innovating and pairing alcohol with food, it’s not all about wine. Premium craft ales provide the perfect platform for finding amazing combinations that both compliment the food and showcase the diversity and complexity of flavours that ales have to offer. The key characteristics of a beer are its sweet-maltiness, how well roasted those malts are, and its hoppy aroma and bitterness. When planning a menu to pair beer with food it is worth remembering that beers can either be chosen to compliment or contrast. Sweeter beers will compliment spicy foods and crisp beers with higher carbonation help balance fatty foods. Each of the organic beers in our range suit different dishes, we thought we would share some pairing ideas with you:

Hoppy beers work well with cheese, for example our IPA or Five Valleys pair nicely with a selection of hard and soft cheeses.

Our Tom Long is an amber bitter full of body and citrus aromas, it works perfectly with a slow cooked beef or lamb stew.

Of course if you are planning a rich spicy curry our award-winning Lager would be a good choice.

One of our brewers, Chloe, thinks that a chilled can of Alederflower would be the perfect match for cold meats or a picnic.

Our flagship beer, Budding, is delicious with fish and chips.

Big Cat, a rich dark stout, is perfect alongside a sweet dessert or cooked into your favourite chocolate brownie recipe.

Stroud Brewery Organic Beer.

St Patricks Day is a key date in the annual calendar and famously linked with Guinness, it’s also a chance for us to showcase our organic stout as an alternative.

Mothering Sunday is another key calendar date, an occasion where we can work with publican’s to offer guest ales with different styles and taste profiles so that there is something to suit every palette. We’ve also created Stroud Brewery bespoke wooden paddle boards for three third of a pint glasses, we encourage our pub customers to use these
on Mothering Sunday and throughout Easter, giving the customers a chance to try a range of our ales making a more fun memorable experience. Our team at the Stroud Brewery Taproom use them to offer tasters, encouraging customers to try something different and taking their palettes to new frontiers.

Having said all this, we think it’s worth saying that there is no definitive right or wrong answer when it comes to pairing beer with food, we believe it’s about personal choice and if you like it that’s the most important thing.

What we have come to realise is that there is a pizza for every beer. Which is why we are pleased to have Vélo Bakery serving sourdough pizzas, made with organic ingredients, baked to order in the wood-fired oven whenever the Stroud Brewery Taproom is open.

Enjoy a Stroud Brewery organic beer with a Vélo Bakery sourdough pizza at the Stroud Brewery Taproom.

Enjoy a Stroud Brewery organic beer with a Vélo Bakery sourdough pizza at the Stroud Brewery Taproom.

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