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Stroud Brewery Certified B Corporation

This summer, Stroud Brewery were proud to be certified as a B Corporationjoining a global community of companies who are reinventing business by believing in more than just the bottom line.


Stroud Brewery is a B Corporation


Gone are the days when a businesses only aim should be to make money for its shareholders, industry is changing. Good businesses now understand their responsibility to support workers, communities and environment is just as important as the products and services that they offer their customers.  B Corporations (or B Corps) are a growing group of companies who are reinventing business, by pursuing purpose as well as profit. The B Corp movement started in the US in 2007 and the B Corp movement kicked off in the UK with our UK Founding B Corps in September 2015.


It has always been our intention to be a good business. Greg Pilley founded Stroud Brewery in 2006 with a vision to develop a thriving, dynamic and resilient enterprise, recognised for its ethos of sustainability and producing a nationally respected range of cask ales and organic bottled beers. We hope that we are recognised as a business that works for people and planet as well as profit. You can read more about our values and good things we do here


But anyone can say they do good things, we wanted to prove it. We were looking for a way to measure and report on our social and environmental performance when we heard heard about B Corps, and we knew we wanted to be part of it. One of our hop picking community made an introduction to Camilla Barnes who was training as an adviser for B Corps and agreed to support our process.



B Corp Certification doesn’t just evaluate a product or service; it assesses the overall positive impact of the company that stands behind it. Grey Pilley, MD, commented “That sort of evaluation is thorough, there is a lot of detail, more than we could have imagined. The process was challenging and has made me really think about how enterprise can have a positive impact. What really took time was gathering the evidence to support our accreditation.”


Receiving our accreditation as a B Corporation has been fantastic. We scored  87.5, which we are really proud of. Being certified as a B Corp is just the beginning for us. We believe being part of this community will keep us actively trying to improve our standards and we will be setting new goals each year.


Greg Pilley commented “All business should start to consider their impact, B Corps assessment is a great way to do this. They also have fantastic resources to help promote your achievement and a growing network of like minded businesses that support each other on that collective journey.”


The B Corps mission is to eventually make themselves redundant, as hopefully it will become the norm for businesses to operate for good, not just for profit.




B Corp Community


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