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The End of an Era – Final Brew at Unit 11

Today is the end of an era, the malty aroma is seeping out of Unit 11 for the last time. Fittingly our final brew was Budding, our 4.5% ABV pale ale, which was also the first beer brewed on the site by our MD, Greg Pilley, in June 2006. Greg commented “Unit 11 has been a fantastic first home for Stroud Brewery for over 12 years. We have brewed some amazing award-winning beers here and had some good times. Our creative efforts were preceded by those of Edwin Budding, who invented the world’s first lawnmower on the site in 1830.”


Stroud Brewery Final Brew at Unit 11



Brewer, Kris Beacham, had the honour of doing the final mash out and adding the organic hops to the copper for the final Budding brew. Kris commented “It does feel like an exciting time. The prospect of a shiny new brewery is what is getting us through this stressful period.”


Kris Beacham Brewing the Last Brew at Unit 11


Production Manager, Chloe Brooks, has been working hard to plan the brewing schedule for the move. She has analysed the quantities required to keep a consistent supply of our core beers, Budding, Tom Long and OPA. The cool store is stacked to the rafters with casks of organic beer to get us through the three week break in our production. Not only have we been building up stocks of our own core beers in cask, kegs, bottle and cans but we have also had to ensure that we have sufficient quantities of six of our contract brews for Yubberton Brewing Company and Gloucester Services. The move has put pressure on our seasonal beers schedule but have managed to squeeze in; a batch of Jack O’Lantern, our spiced Amber Ale that is available in cask now, Schwarzwälder and our popular Mulled Porter, Ding Dong, which will soon be available in 500ml bottles.


Moving a busy working brewery is a logistical headache. It is normal to slim things down and sort things out when you move house, but we have actually had to ramp up production to make sure we had enough beer to bridge the gap.

The final brew ended with celebratory tea and cakes for the team and some Haribo for Kris. So as Tuesday 23rd of October marks the end of an era at Unit 11, the Stroud Brewery team are looking forward to good times over the river at the new site.


Celebrating Stroud Brewery's final Brew at Unit 11


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  1. Sean on October 28, 2018 at 3:03 pm

    Hope all goes smoothly for you.

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