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Would you like to serve delicious organic beer in your pub, restaurant or shop? Beer made with Cotswold barley grown in a sustainable way? We offer a great range of award-winning organic beers with varying strengths and flavours, and produce fined and unfined beers.

Deliveries are made throughout Gloucestershire, Bristol and Bath on a weekly basis. If you are outside the area, we have a number of distributors that stock our casks, kegs, bottles and cans. Please contact us for further details.

We do export our beer and welcome new enquiries.

Great Taste Organic Beer
Organic Pale Ale
GT PC Hop Drop


Budding Pale Ale 4.5% - cask & bottle

Characterful and complex pale ale. Aromatic citrus notes from Amarillo hops harmonise with a sweet malt backbone and balanced, grassy bitterness. Organic. Vegan (unfined available).

Malt: Pale Ale Malt (BARLEY), WHEAT malt

Hops: Fuggles, WGV, Amarillo, Hallertau Blanc

Bitterness: Around 36 IBU

Winner of a 1 star Great Taste Award, 2016


Tom Long Amber Bitter 3.8% - cask & bottle

Caramel flavours from crystal malt with a spicy, orange aroma. Orange Peel and ground coriander seed. Organic. Vegan (unfined available).

Malt: Pale Ale and Crystal malt (BARLEY), WHEAT malt

Hops: Goldings, WGV

Bitterness: Around 30 IBU

Bronze at SIBA Wales & West 2017, Standard Bitters category.


Organic Pale Ale 4% - cask

Clean, golden session pale ale with hints of red apple from organic Wakatu and Taiheke (formally Cascade) hops from New Zealand. Cara and crystal malt add a balanced biscuity malt backbone. Organic. Vegan (unfined available).

Malt: Pale Ale Malt (BARLEY), WHEAT malt

Hops:  Wakatu and Taiheke

Bitterness: Around 28 IBU


Hop Drop 4.5% - bottle

A tropical fruit explosion from three generous, post boil additions of Organic Citra and El Dorado hops to maximise the juicy aroma. Bottle conditioned. Organic. Vegan (unfined).

Malt: Lager and Munich malt (BARLEY), flaked OATS

Hops: Pilgrim, El dorado, Citra, Simcoe

Bitterness: Medium

Winner of a 2 star Great Taste Award, 2018
Gold Award at Taste of the West, 2018
Finalist for delicious Produce Awards awards, 2018

Swift Half

Swift Half 2.8% - cask

A very refreshing, golden ale. Hopped with Idaho 7.
Organic. Fined and Unfined (vegan).

Malt: Munich malt (BARLEY), pale ale malt & flaked OATS

Hops: Brewers Gold, Idaho 7.

Bitterness: Low

GT PC Big Cat

Big Cat 4.5% - bottle

An easy drinking bottle conditioned stout. Silky and smooth satiating texture, full bodied with a light carbonation. Fruity dark chocolate aroma, with a hint of liquorice. Malty on the palate with bitter dark chocolate notes and black treacle on the finish. Organic. Vegan (unfined).

Malt: Pale Ale, Crystal, Cara, Chocolate, Carafa II, (BARLEY), flaked OATS, WHEAT malt

Hops: WGV, NZ Cascade

Bitterness: Low

Winner of 2 star Great Taste Award, 2017

Winner of silver SIBA Wales & West award, 2019 in bottle

DB pump clip

Dubbel Bond 6.2% - cask SOLD OUT

A dark, ruby coloured beer with plenty of malt aromas, full of sweet biscuity flavours and suggestions of stewed pudding. Organic. Vegan (unfined).

Malt: Dark crystal, chocolate (BARLEY) malts

Hops: Saaz, Goldings

Bitterness: Low


Hazy V Round Keg

Hazy V 4.9% - keg

A hazy blend of five hops, with big juicy tangerine and tropical aroma with a low bitterness and full mouthfeel. Organic. Unfined (vegan).

Malt: Oats and malt

Hops: Saaz, Celeia, Idaho 7, Simcoe & Citra

Bitterness: Low

IPA (large)

I.P.A. 5.6% - can

A Juicy, hop driven IPA brewed with organic Motueka and Willamette, and generously dry hopped with organic Citra.
Organic. Vegan (unfined).

Malt: Munich malt (BARLEY)

Hops: Willamette, Motueka, Citra

Bitterness: Around 30 IBU


GT PC Premium Organic Lager

Premium Organic Lager 4.9% - keg & bottle

Crisp and refreshing lager, traditionally brewed. 4.9% ABV. Organic. Vegan (unfined).

Malt:  Lager and Munich malt (BARLEY)

Hops:  Pilgrim, Saaz, Wakatu, Taiheke

Bitterness: Medium

Winner of a 2 star Great Taste Award, 2016


Schwarzwälder 5% - cask & can

A rich, sweet, stout porter conditioned on sour cherries and molasses. Dark roasted malts add a hint of chocolate. 5% ABV.  Organic. Vegan (unfined)

Malt: Pale Ale, Cara, Crystal, Chocolate, Carafa II (BARLEY) malts

Hops: Sovereign and First Gold

Biterness: Low

Winner of a 1 star Great Taste award, 2018 (in can).


PC Alederflower

Alederflower 4.9% - keg & can

Refreshing aromas from Organic New Zealand Taiheke & Nelson Sauvin hops,
delicately balanced with organic, rubbed elderflowers
Organic. Vegan (unfined).

Malt: Pale Ale and Cara (BARLEY) malt, WHEAT malt

Hops:  Magnum, NZ Cascade, Nelson Sauvin

Bitterness: Medium

Finalist for delicious Produce Awards awards, 2018

Shortlisted for the Soil Association BOOM Awards 2017


S'Wheat American Pale 4.3% - can

A bitter American-style pale ale beer, with ground coriander seed; uses a US ale yeast
gently hopped to give a rounded citrus finish.
Organic. Vegan (unfined).

Malt:  Lager Malt (BARLEY), WHEAT Malt, flaked WHEAT

Hops:  Pilgrim, Mandarina Bavaria

Bitterness: Medium

Winner of a 1 star Great Taste Award, 2018

Finalist for delicious Produce Awards awards, 2018

Silver Award at Taste of the West, 2018

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